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Fleabag caricature

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caricature Phoebe Waller Bridge Fleabag

Caricature of Phoebe Waller-Bridge as…Fleabag? I just started to watch season 1 and, as far as I Know, the lead character doesn´t have a proper name.  Some articles tell that is a clever way to induce us to identify her as a “fleabag”.

I admire Phoebe Waller Bridge as an author and actress. I loved “Crashing” and I’m excited to watch the next episodes of her most awarded show.

In this cartoon I tried to explore some ways of using color, light and digital brushes distincts from my recent commission projects.

Autor: Costa de Souza

Artista gráfico. Caricaturas e ilustrações.

3 pensamentos sobre “Fleabag caricature

  1. Love the look. The look all fans know so well. This is aces, congrats!🍾

  2. Thank you, Domestica! I´m glad you liked it!

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